Submission procedures

The Organizing and Scientific Committees invite submissions for the 10th International Conference on the Dialogical Self (10th ICDS) to be held in Braga, Portugal. The purpose of the conference is to create a forum for dialogue across the boundaries of specific (sub)disciplines that explores the possibilities and challenges related to the dialogical self. Central topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

1. self and identity
2. culture and self
3. globalization and glocalization
4. social power and dominance
5. self and emotions
6. dialogue and linguistics
7. reconstruction of self-narratives in psychotherapy
8. dialogue and development
9. dialogical teaching practices
10. mental simulation
11. wisdom, maturity and health
12. multivoicedness and art

Important Dates

Beginning for Submissions: November 1, 2017
Deadline for Submissions: January 31, 2018 
Notification of Acceptance: February 28, 2018

Types of Contributions


A panel is the ideal format for presenting different contributions aggregated around a common theme. Panels should include three to four presentations and a discussant (usually the organizer of the panel), focused on related questions. Panels will be 90 minutes with a minimum of 15 minutes for open discussion.


Posters are suitable for a variety of contributions, including completed projects, theoretical contributions, single case studies, pilot studies, and work-in-progress. Poster dimensions should approximate 80cm x 100cm (32 x 40 inches). We will try to group the posters by topic to stimulate discussion and the exchange of ideas.


Papers that are not part of a panel will be assigned a specific slot by the Organizing Committee. In this case, papers are 20 minutes reports about ongoing or completed studies. Paper sessions will be 90 minutes and will consist of three presentations, with 10 minutes for discussion allotted to each.


The main purpose of the Symposium will be to provide an opportunity for group discussion among colleagues on a specific topic in the Dialogical Self Theory. Please note that the chairperson of a Symposium is responsible for confirming at least three other individuals’ participation and for organizing all aspects of the presentation. Symposiums will be 90 minutes maximum.


Workshops are opportunities to present practical approaches and specific techniques. The main focus is the development of skills and experiential involvement. A detailed description of the techniques that will be addressed in the workshop (e.g., theoretical background, aims, step-by-step procedures) should be also submitted. Workshops can be designed for 45 or 90 minutes.